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To encourage continued qualification and to value our employees and partners, we created CorpServices Academy, a corporate university dedicated to the management of internal training. Through innovative content and practices, we promote the development of our human capital, sharing the values of the holding company among the entire team.

CorpServices Academy joins Bordin University's nearly four decades of experience in corporate education to offer exclusive training. The training process begins upon admission and extends throughout the entire partnership, with technical, behavioral and integration courses, in addition to lectures on topics that are part of the team's daily life. Employees are also encouraged to expand their knowledge through external courses.

Advantages of CorpServices Academy

  • Sharing knowledge and experiences among the entire team;

  • Constant learning;

  • Courses accredited by the Regional Accounting Council (CRC);

  • Training can be converted into points for the CRC Continuing Education Program (PEC);

  • Savings for partner companies, with the use of internal instructors and the opportunity to reach the score required by PEC.

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