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Transform the market
corporate solutions.

Transform the market for corporate solutions. This is the objective of CorpServices Group, which brings a range of integrated services with international excellence standards and a reputation compatible with the largest players in the segment. We are a platform of companies with high technical quality and the best specialists in the fields of accounting, finance, taxes, paralegal, compliance and other services. With a one stop shop logic, we provide customers with complete solutions in one place.

Our group has international investors and brings Brazil experiences that combine technology, innovation and excellence to boost your business.


Talk to us to understand how to bring more efficiency to your business.

Why choose CorpServices?

Dedication to your core business: the outsourcing of operational activities allows you to focus on the main activities and efficiency gains of your business.

Excellent performance:
the companies in our group are the best specialists in their segments in the country, with extensive experience and recognized by the local market.

Efficiency gain:

at CorpServices, you will find complete solutions to reduce your company's operational costs and demand.

One stop shop: our proposal is to offer a wide range of corporate solutions in one place, to facilitate your company’s routine and your own.

Personalized service: committed to the customer’s satisfaction, being as close as possible to them.  We are pleased to serve!

Reliability: our service platform arrives in Brazil with a reputation based on our solid portfolio companies.



Tax Compliance

HR/Personnel cycle Assistance

On-Call Tax Assistance

Accounting BPO


Finance BPO

Payroll Processing BPO

Business and Tax Consulting

Tax Planning and Management

Individual Income Tax

Forensic Accounting


International Tax Planning

Accounting and Tax solutions for the finance and capital markets

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